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Places to Arouse Her

A woman’s body is meant to be worshipped. The slightest kiss on the right spot can make her body shiver or even make her wet. According to Private Asian Escorts Brisbane, however, some men just don’t understand that anything done to woman with hands can feel much better if mouth is used. It holds true that women can achieve orgasm just by being kissed in the right area – with her genitals left untouched.
Below are the top women’s body spots you should shift your focus to from hereon.

Private Asian Escorts BrisbaneThe Lips
Of course, you’d be dumb not to conquer those sexy lips of her. Smooching, tongue action, French kissing, first base, among others – no matter what you do; kissing on the lips is really essential. Above all, being a great kisser can mean the difference between only getting a kiss and getting much more; hence be progressive with kissing. Just remember to condition your beard or mustache if you don’t want them cut.

The Neck
Don’t you know that the skin on the sides of the neck is one of the most sensitive areas on a female’s body? Yes, you hear that right; so take things slow and give out sensual kisses along with minimal suction. Just drag the smooth, wet skin of your inner lips slowly over her skin and you’ll definitely hear her moan a bit. Moreover, don’t forget to let your tongue play.

The Collarbone
Although this may not be as sensitive as some of her areas, but when you kiss her neck, you would definitely want to drop by her collarbone. This is the area where her neck meets both of her chest and shoulder. Kiss just above the bone and down from the base of the neck onto her shoulder. Remember that soft kisses accompanied with minimal suction should always work best.

The Ears
Sadly, the ears are often neglected when they’re in fact a great spot for kissing. Gently suck on her earlobe and run your tongue behind your woman’s ear. Be careful, however, as loud breathing and/or kissing noises directly into the ear are not sexy at all.

Learning where to kiss is a good start to make sex hot and kinky. However, if you want to make it a bit steamier, Private Asian Escorts Brisbane can help you out.



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