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Zodiac Signs and Sex

Horoscopes give you more than just a forecast of your personal fortunes in life. It can also provide you important insights on money matters, relationships, career and business opportunities, as well as your sex life! You and your lover’s sun sign can reveal a lot about each other’s skills, as well as your struggles, in bed. Here’s a quick overview of what every zodiac sign can, and can’t, do in bed.

Private Asian Escorts BrisbaneVirgo
Do you consider yourself precise and analytical? Or is your lover, or favourite Brisbane Escort Girl the epitome’ of precision and dexterity? Then you, or your bedmate, could be a Virgo!

To prevent you from being too engrossed with choosing a complex sex position, sex experts suggest trying out the Standing Tiger/Crouching Dragon. To do this, the woman gets on all fours on the bed (preferably at the edge), while you stand behind her while penetrating.

Aquarius & Aries
Aquarians are known for being uninhibited and experimental. Those born under the sign Aries are independent and courageous, thus they prefer following more risky sex positions, which others may steer clear of.

Gemini & Cancer
Those born under the sun sign Gemini are imaginative and energetic, two qualities that are perfect for doing real naughty bed sessions! People born under the sun sign Cancer may be romantic at the onset, and the next moment may suddenly want it real rough.

Sagittarius & Taurus
Sagittarians are known for being gentle, kind, loving and passionate individuals, and this greatly reflects on their sex life too. However, they’re also wild, and prefer experimenting with new moves and positions.

Those born under the Taurus sun sign are straight to the point, and lean towards the more innocent side. Taurus ladies are dependable and generous, which are great attributes for a sex partner.

Scorpio & Pisces
Scorpions are very sexual individuals, and are always up for experimenting. Pisces guys and girls are romantic and like to be subtle.

Leo & Capricorn
Leo guys and girls are generally dramatic, love playing games and are all about teasing. Capricorn folks are very playful in bed too, and love doing adventurous and playful sex positions.

Libra women are noted to love foreplay (like 69!) and they’re particularly good at kissing too! So do you know your lover’s, or favourite Private Asian Escorts Brisbane‘s zodiac sign? Perhaps you should check out the latest sexual horoscope now!

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